The autumn term is a few weeks old and the pupils and staff are getting used to the various changes that have occurred over the summer. The biggest difference is our new main entrance. The lobby has been redesigned along with the school offices. We hope it is a more welcoming space for those who visit our school daily and also those who are experiencing Church Langton for the first time. We have also created a small group room at the front of the building. This is ideal for intervention work and phonics groups.


The year four classroom has been redesigned to make it a better working environment while the 4+ have a new covered working space and a different way to access the classroom. One of the new additions which has excited the pupils most is our outdoor classroom. Hidden in the undergrowth at the end of the field, it a space where the pupils can study the environment and natural wildlife that we are so lucky to be surrounded by.
These improvements are part of our plan to improve the teaching environments around the school and I look forward to showing the school off to visitors in the coming weeks and months.


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