Well done to the team of pupils from years five and six who represented our school in the recent Dodgeball tournament hosted by Robert Smyth Academy. The team played to a great standard and finished in third place in their group. Thank you to Mrs Edwards for coaching the team.

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It was a pleasure to accompany our team of year five and six pupils who represented the school in the maths challenge organised by Leicester Grammar School. The children competed against pupils from many other schools in a range of mathematical challenges and really enjoyed the experience.

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We were very proud to see our school recognised in the recent Sunday Times league tables for primary schools in England. Our school was ranked 80th in the country out of 14,930 schools and was the only school in Leicestershire to feature.

The outcomes for pupils at the end of their time at primary school were used to calculate the rankings, looking at the scores achieved in reading, grammar and maths. We are pleased to see these achievement recognised but are equally proud of the learning that takes places in the areas of the curriculum which are not nationally measured such as art, music and physical education. We believe our pupils achieve these high outcomes because of the dedication of our whole staff team and the wide opportunities we offer across the curriculum.

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It was a pleasure to hear the wonderful feedback from the many visitors who saw our school in action during open morning. The year six pupils were superb tour guides and shared all of the many parts of our school.

If you were unable to make the event and would like to visit the school please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

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Parents, staff and the rest of the school took part in our worship to mark the completion of the entry to communion classes that a group of pupils in year five and six have been involved with over the last term. Rev. Janet led our worship and presented the children with certificates to mark their completion of the course.

Our communion services are a regular part of our whole school worship and it is of great benefit that the younger pupils can see how children, as well as staff and parents, demonstrate their own faith in the service. Children who take communion in their own church or who may have completed classes at an other location are also invited to take communion in school services.

Thank you to Rev. Janet for all of her hard work with our school.

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Well done to the pupils in year three and four who represented our school in the Uni-Hoc competition hosted by Robert Smyth Academy. This is always an exciting event and the children played well in a series of matches against other local schools. They should be proud of their achievements, conceding just three goals over the six matches they played and finishing seventh out of the twelve teams involved.

A big thank you to the sports leaders from Robert Smyth Academy who did a great job refereeing and organising the event.

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We are pleased to announce that our conversion to academy status has now been completed and we are now part of Learn Academies Trust. The governors and I would like to thank our business manager Mrs Kully Gill and all involved in the conversion process for all their hard work over the last few months.

We join Learn Academies Trust at an exciting time and look forward to further developing the relationships with the other schools in the trust. Further information about the trust can be found here.

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It was a pleasure to some of our pupils taking part in the collaborative music day held by Welland Park Academy this week. The children spent the day playing their instruments alongside pupils from many other primary schools and the secondary school before putting on a super concert for parents. Thanks to Mr Kirkland for supporting the pupils.

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