We had plenty of fun in school celebrating World Book Day with pupils and staff enjoying dressing up in celebration of 25th year. The shoe boxes create to show events in a book were very imaginative while the school enjoyed hearing stories from different members of staff around the school.

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Thank you to Rev Jonathan for leading our service at St Peter’s Church this week. It was a pleasure to be able to have the whole school together for worship in Church and to learn about the period of Lent.

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Well done to all pupils who took part in the Headteacher Challenge about the Rutland Ichthyosaur challenge. We had some brilliant diagrams, presentations and art work all about the amazing discovery.

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We marked Safer Internet with the pupils being reminded of the importance of the choices they make when online. Here are the top tips recommended for the different age groups when using the internet:

Top Tips for use with 3-7s

These top tips have been written for you (parents and carers) to share, and talk about, with your children. It’s never too early to talk about life online!

#PlayYourPart by…Enjoying all the amazing things there are to do online! 

Talk with your child about the games they enjoy playing and the videos they love to watch. Doing these things together is a great way to explore how amazing the internet can be.

Always being kind and respectful to others online.

Explain to your child that being kind and respectful helps make the internet fun and safe for everyone. Yes, even their little brother if he’s beating them on their favourite game! This is something you can show  them in your own words and actions online too.

Making safe choices.

Your child will have to make lots of choices when they’re using technology and the internet, so talk regularly about what they can do to keep themselves safe. This might be keeping personal information like their name or school private and never agreeing to meet up with someone they only know online. The earlier you start these conversations the better equipped your child will be as they grow older.

Remembering that it’s okay to say no to people online.

Online friendships can be difficult to manage, but a simple step to help keep your child safe is making sure they know that they are in control. Discuss how they might respond if someone says or does something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Remind them that they never have to do something just because an online friend has told them to and that they can come to you for help and advice.

Always telling an adult if anyone or anything online makes you worried, upset or uncomfortable.

The most important thing you can do to support your child online is let them know you’re there to support them. Talk regularly about all the points above, and more! Make sure they know that if anything online makes them worried, upset or uncomfortable, then they can come to you for help – and a hug!

Top Tips for use with 7-11s

The internet can be a great place to learn new things, keep in touch with friends, and to have fun. We have some tips to help you to stay safe and positive online, as well as how you can #PlayYourPart in creating a better internet by…

Being a kind and respectful friend online.

Think about how your actions and words online can make others laugh and smile, instead of feeling hurt or angry.

Staying alert to possible dangers.

When posting, gaming, or talking to others, keep your personal information safe and do not click on unexpected links. Most importantly, always tell an adult if an online friend asks to meet up.

Respecting other people’s boundaries.

No means no – do not push other people to do something that they’re not comfortable with. If someone is pressuring you online, remember that you can always say no and tell an adult you trust.

Supporting others to use safety tools.

Lots of games and apps have handy tools like the block or report button that can help you keep yourself and your friends safe. Chat with your friends to make sure everyone knows where these are and how to use them on the games you play together.

Speaking up!

There are lots of adults in your life who want to support you in having a safe and enjoyable time when you’re online. Always speak to one of them if anyone or anything online makes you or a friend worried, upset or uncomfortable.

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The South Leicestershire Sport Team create a monthly newsletter for parents and pupils. The newsletters are designed to give parents a basic understanding of health and well-being. They include links to websites for more detailed information and helplines and further support. This month’s can be found here.1. January 2022- New Years Resolutions

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We recently held our annual Church Langton Spelling Bee. The standards seen amongst the pupils was exceptional and it was hard to find eventual winners with extra lists sometimes being needed. The overall winner for year 1 was Abigail. The overall winner for year 2 was Emmeline. The overall winner for years 3 and 4 was Corey. Finally, the overall winner for years 5 and 6 was David. These were the overall winners but each class had heat champions and all of the participants and winners should all be extremely proud of the standards that they achieved.

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Rev Jonathan led our Christmas Service at St Peter’s on the last day of term where we enjoyed carols and readings as well as hearing about the joy of giving and receiving gifts.

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Mr Kirkland and Mr Haigh led our musical showcase at the end of term with classes and groups having the chance to share their learning from the past term. This included percussion performances, singing, a special performance from the brass band and the chance for our Taiko drumming group to wow the rest of the school.

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A big thank you to the kitchen staff who did a wonderful job preparing our delicious Christmas Dinner. It was wonderful to have pupils, staff and governors able to sit and enjoy the meal together.

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The children had a great time at the Festive Fun day organised by our parent volunteers. The day included games of guess the number of Brussel Sprouts in the jar, guess the weight of the cake and pick the name of the snowy owl as well as a very special visitor to each class.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who helped on the day and in the background, we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Well done everyone for taking part and a huge thank you for all the contributions to the FoCLS. We raised £602.21 for the FoCLS which is fantastic, we really appreciate all your support.

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