Book Week

At Church Langton we have been developing new methods for encouraging our pupils to try out new authors and developing their enthusiasm for reading. Book week was held at the beginning of March with activities held throughout the week. Each class had lessons planned linked to their focus authors for this term. Each class in our school will study six focus authors over the course the year. We have been lucky enough to have some authors visit the school while other classes have made contact using twitter.
The whole school read was a highlight for many children as they were able to choose to hear a stories read from various members of staff around the building. It was particularly enjoyable to see children from four plus and year six being able to enjoy a story together.
The book swap involved children bringing in a book from home to exchange for another they have not tried, some parents and staff got involved as well.
We marked World Book Day with the children being invited to dress up as a book character from one of the texts they have studied this year. To celebrate the wonderful costumes we held a parade in the hall. As always we received great support from parents, grandparents and toddlers who clapped each class as they paraded through the hall.
The finale to our week was for all the classes to enjoy a visit from the West End in Schools Theatre company who performed “Back to Before”. The play involved many well known stories and was a great way to end was what a very special week at Church Langton. google sites unblocked bit life funny shooter 2 slope paperio io games unblocked io games unblocked games unblocked
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