Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Provision

At Church Langton we pride ourselves on our inclusive and nurturing provision. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils needs are met so that each individual can reach their full potential.

Our school does not have a specialist designated unit or addition learning support department. However our inclusive teaching and curriculum, alongside a dedicated staff team, help us to support and include pupils with a wide variety of needs. To find out more about how we support all of our pupils needs, including those with Special Educational Needs and disabilities, please read our SEND information report below.


Please follow the link below to download the documentation outlining our school offer for the provision of special educational needs.

Church Langton SEND information report 

Please find attached the COVID-19 amendments to our SEND policy

COVID SEND policy addition ver2

Should you need any further information or advice, please feel free to contact the school.

The Leicestershire Local offer may be found using the following address:





We recognize that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND and take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.

How we will support children with SEND when they are moving on to another class or leaving this school:

We have effective Transition arrangements in place for children at all stages of their time with us.

Transition from our Nursery feeder schools/ providers, begins with a meeting for parents/ carers to set out the procedures and expectations for their child’s time in our school. Parents/ carers are also informed of all of the ways their child can be supported during their time with us. Staff visit children in their nurseries to see them in a familiar environment. Children then visit school to get to know their new school.

Transition sessions, for all year groups, towards the end of the summer term prove successful every year across the school.

We have strong and successful links with the local secondary schools in our area. The staff from these schools work in our school at different times of the year.

Our school has a member of staff with responsibility for organising and planning transition and induction with schools. Where children with SEND are moving to new provision we will work closely with the receiving school to ensure their needs continue to be met both during induction and into the future. Where there are more vulnerable children moving to different schools, meetings are held between their class teacher/SENCO and the academic and pastoral team of the receiving school to ensure provision for their needs is known and continues.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.



Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

At Church Langton we believe that to gain the most from our pupils we must priorities their mental wellbeing above all else. To support this we have a dedicated Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) who works with identified pupils to support their emotional needs. Their work supports a variety of areas from grief, anxiety, social or emotional dysfunction, and is a bespoke resources for each child who needs to access it.

Please find below a link to a parental pamphlet outlining the main purpose of an ELSA.

ELSA leaflet

If you have any questions about our ELSA support please contact the school office.

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