Don’t just take our word for it- here’s what some of students had to say:


“School Direct at Church Langton has given me the opportunity to work with staff who really want to see me achieve the best that I can. I feel very lucky to be learning in a vibrant and nurturing environment. I couldn’t hope for a better way to train.”

  • Sonja Meadows (previous student)

“Completing my training with Church Langton has prepared me well for my NQT year. Having longer teaching placements really gave me a feel for how things work. The school were very supportive during my search for a teaching job- I would really recommend this training route.”

  • Charlotte Parker (RQT at Church Langton)

“School direct with Church Langton has exceeded all my expectations. I feel lucky to be training in a dynamic, supportive environment surrounded by staff who truly want me to succeed. From the very beginning I was able to observe teaching across the primary curriculum, meet my peers and become accustomed to my new role as a student teacher.

  • Jessica Kelly (previous student)

“I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to complete my PGCE via Church Langton’s School Direct route; every single member of staff is invested in ensuring that my teaching and learning experience is the best it can possibly be. From the very first day, I have felt extremely supported and have no doubt that these overwhelmingly positive interactions will enable me to become the best teacher I can be.”

  • Vita Vents (current student)

“I am extremely happy with the course and support so far, in fact I am already recommending School Direct at Church Langton to a student who is doing work experience and looking to apply for a PGCE course next year!”

  • Hazel Taylor (current student)


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