Writing event at Oakham School

Writing workshop

Thank you to Oakham School who hosted the writing workshop for some of our year six pupils this week. The children had a great time working with performance poet Chris White.

Chris White is a highly regarded fiction writer, performance poet and illustrator and has written many books and poems such as  ‘Don’t Put Dave in the Microwave’,  ‘Stumpy’s Big Adventure’ and the ‘Beast from the East’. Chris is also currently participating in the BBC’s Digital Curriculum project aimed to provide online literacy assistance for children.

He set the children to work creating their own amusing and wacky poems about fabulous creatures pieced together from a number of different animals, dogs with superpowers, cats and pigs who suffer unimaginable misfortunes and an incredibly fat superhero in a sparkly tutu and ballet slippers!

Thanks to Mrs Byrne for accompanying the group.